Run, girl, run!

Apparently there are lots of unwritten "blog rules," one of them being you never blog about why you haven't been blogging.  Considering I haven't been on here since July 14th, I'll leave it to your imagination. :-)

Besides school, the other activity consuming my life is training for a half marathon!  I know, you heard that right...a half marathon!  I'm definitely not a runner by any means, but Charlie and I have been training.  My goal is to cross the finish line in the upright position with a smile on my face and wanting to do it again!  A few weeks ago, our long training run coincided with a local 10K race, so we signed up.  If I'm gonna run, I might as well get a shirt for it!  We had a group from school that joined us, and they were so awesome and supportive.  I appreciate all the kind words and good vibes I've gotten from friends and family on this journey.  It will truly be an accomplishment to cross the finish line.  Here are a few pics from race day...

 Sandy likes to run without clothes, but we don't judge him.


 Kelly's a trooper...running after getting the PT plague!

 Lindsay's so fast we can't even get a picture of her!

 Charlie's chuggin' along...great job!

 Cassie's all smiles!

 I'm upright, and smiling, and I passed that chick in front of me! :-)

Group shot (Cassie, Kori, Lindsay, Matt, Charlie, Lauren, Kelly, and Sandy)