Now for something completely different...

I don't particularly like to discuss politics (if you want politics galore, head over to Garrett's blog. Same name as my title post. Thanks bro!). One of the areas that I feel where my citizenship is lacking is in being an INFORMED citizen. Sure, I vote. But I don't always know the issues. The health care debate has definitely found the back-burner to school work. However, as a future health care professional, I think I should know what's going on. Therein lies the problem. How do I find the facts amid the bias? I decided to go to the original text to strip away the slants from news commentators/angry facebookers/racial slurring activists. And folks, in my spare time, I'll be scrolling through the health care bill...all 2000 pages. Wait, I lied. I'm skipping over non-health care stuff like education and Puerto Rico. I'm not really sure what that's doing in there anyways.

So, if you'd like to read the real deal, click here!


Thanks Kansas.

Since school has taken over my life, I have watched almost zero basketball this season. Plus, we have baby cable, which means if the game isn't on ABC, NBC, Fox, or CBS, we're not watching. My bracket picks were pretty blind since I knew nothing about the teams. And now I'm sunk. Thanks Kansas.

On a brighter note, we'll be a house divided next week. OSU and Tennessee are playing. I may be wishy-washy about my loyalty to UT football, but don't mess with me and UT basketball. It should be an interesting night....


A Perfect Saturday morning...

This week has been Spring Break, but it's been full of lots of hours in the car and studying. Two tests on the Monday we get back should be a line in Alanis Morrisette's song "Ironic." Don't you think?!? So I'm crammed all of Spring Break into one glorious Saturday morning.

We got up and went to the gym for a run.

We came home, made our coffee and omelets, and ate breakfast together.

Then we (meaning me, Charlie, and the dogs) all crawled onto the bed. I got to catch up on all the shows I missed this week. Charlie was doing some research for his paper that he is presenting in London this summer. And the dogs curled up and slept. No surprise there.

I'd say that's makes a pretty perfect morning. Except I can't say that, because now it's 3:12 p.m. :-)


Holy postness!

I'm officially the worst blogger ever. It kinda makes me giggle, because I read everyone else's blogs every day and think to myself..."Self, you should post something. Anything, really." But alas, I worry that it will come out resembling gait patterns, pharmacokinetics, or the anatomy of the spine. Because clearly, I'm consumed with school. Seeing as my last post was Feb. 20-something, I should probably give an update. Since February 20-something I have:
  • Had 8 tests in 3 1/2 weeks. Kinda explains the blogging absence.
  • Begun the "Couch to 5K" running program. I think I talked about this earlier, and it is supposed to make me like running. I am in week 5 and the words "like" and "run" still cannot coexist in the same sentence.
  • Inherited a 109 year old Singer sewing machine and table. I am looking forward to restoring it this summer with mom.
  • Inherited a lawyer's bookshelf. It will be a very special home for some of my favorite and well-worn literary friends.
  • Read Alice in Wonderland. Because, quite frankly, I don't remember the story. It turns out that the book is way weirder than the Disney movie, which makes me really excited for the new version!
  • Studied, studied, studied, and studied.
And now we have arrived at Spring Break. I'm trying to balance study time with relaxing time and Charlie time. Lots of balancing going on! Hope that you all enjoy a beautiful pre-spring day!