Holy postness!

I'm officially the worst blogger ever. It kinda makes me giggle, because I read everyone else's blogs every day and think to myself..."Self, you should post something. Anything, really." But alas, I worry that it will come out resembling gait patterns, pharmacokinetics, or the anatomy of the spine. Because clearly, I'm consumed with school. Seeing as my last post was Feb. 20-something, I should probably give an update. Since February 20-something I have:
  • Had 8 tests in 3 1/2 weeks. Kinda explains the blogging absence.
  • Begun the "Couch to 5K" running program. I think I talked about this earlier, and it is supposed to make me like running. I am in week 5 and the words "like" and "run" still cannot coexist in the same sentence.
  • Inherited a 109 year old Singer sewing machine and table. I am looking forward to restoring it this summer with mom.
  • Inherited a lawyer's bookshelf. It will be a very special home for some of my favorite and well-worn literary friends.
  • Read Alice in Wonderland. Because, quite frankly, I don't remember the story. It turns out that the book is way weirder than the Disney movie, which makes me really excited for the new version!
  • Studied, studied, studied, and studied.
And now we have arrived at Spring Break. I'm trying to balance study time with relaxing time and Charlie time. Lots of balancing going on! Hope that you all enjoy a beautiful pre-spring day!

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