Now for something completely different...

I don't particularly like to discuss politics (if you want politics galore, head over to Garrett's blog. Same name as my title post. Thanks bro!). One of the areas that I feel where my citizenship is lacking is in being an INFORMED citizen. Sure, I vote. But I don't always know the issues. The health care debate has definitely found the back-burner to school work. However, as a future health care professional, I think I should know what's going on. Therein lies the problem. How do I find the facts amid the bias? I decided to go to the original text to strip away the slants from news commentators/angry facebookers/racial slurring activists. And folks, in my spare time, I'll be scrolling through the health care bill...all 2000 pages. Wait, I lied. I'm skipping over non-health care stuff like education and Puerto Rico. I'm not really sure what that's doing in there anyways.

So, if you'd like to read the real deal, click here!

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