Memorable Olympic Moments

This post went from "greatest Olympic moments" to "memorable Olympic moments" after I tried to narrow down lots of history. I decided to set some parameters so that these would be meaningful events: 1) It had to occur during the Winter Games and during my lifetime. 2) I have to actually remember watching it on TV (fear not...I remember lots!) 3) It doesn't have to involve American athletes. So in no particular order (because I actually have no idea how many moments I'll end up with), here are my favorite Olympic moments...

Dan Jansen finally wins his gold. I tried to find footage of the original race, but they are all dubbed over in foreign languages. Visa commercial it is!

Tara Lapinski has the long program of her life. I remember watching her performance at our end-of-the-year basketball team sleepover.

Lindsey Jacobellis reminds us that pride comes before a fall...and can cost you the gold.

This is one of the coolest torch entrances. I remember watching and wondering how they kept the torch from going out.

These last two don't have videos yet seeing as they just happened in the past week. Lindsey Vonn takes gold in the downhill despite a painful shin injury. Thanks to Lindsey for making a shout-out for her physical therapist every time she was on TV!!!

Lastly, Shaun White. Call him what you will, but you must call him revolutionary. The boy has his own half pipe and landing pit in Colorado to practice on! Do you think he'd give me lessons?!?! Shaun had an amazing first run in the finals, and even though he kept it conservative, he won the gold medal. He finished out the night with his bonus second run - he and his coach discussed at the top of the hill what he should do. Hey, why not throw in my incredible Double McTwist 1260? Ain't no thing! And he lands it. Sigh.

I've shared a few of my favorite Olympic moments...now let me hear about yours!!!


Life lately.

Here's a recap of the past two weeks:

5 tests. I feel like that should be self-explanatory.

Opening Ceremonies. Loved the flaming tap dancing. I'm pretty sure we'll see that in the next beauty pageant talent show.

They FINALLY delivered our new stove and dishwasher that were written into our lease that we signed last MAY.

Apollo. Lindsey. Evan. Shaun. Ohhhh Shaun!

These mittens. They are clearly the best Olympic souvenir ever, next to the pins. I heard a rumor that my northernly relatives might be sending some our way...

So my life has been pretty hectic. I haven't really been able to spend any time with Charlie because I'm pretty much married to my study group. That definitely won't work for the long term, but sometimes its necessary, since my "job" right now is to do well in school.

Finally, let's chat a little about these Olympics. I started writing this whole glorious post last night and was going to go all linky with great moments in Olympic history. But then I got sidetracked on YouTube looking at all the amazing Olympic videos and realized that I needed to get back to studying. So now, here I am, with way more time on my hands. So I'm going to divide this up. I'll do a linky post later (famous last words!) of great Olympic moments. It will be fun and interactive, and you, lovely readers (I'm up to 15...yay! haha!) will get to contribute.


But if I had to choose and could only watch one or the other, I would pick the winter games. (Sorry Michael Phelps. There's just nothing dangerous about swimming.) I love the spirit of the games. I love the background stories on the athletes where you feel like you really get to know them. You cheer for your country, which, luckily, I can do double this time. O Canada! My dad is from Vancouver, so I feel like I should at least cheer on the Canadians a little bit. Except for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big hockey game, and you can bet your loony dollars that I will be all USA!

Keep your eyes peeled for some great Olympic moments...I'll really try to keep my promise this time!!!


Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

  1. Studying. I had four tests this week. Two down, two to go.
  2. Running. Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking...I don't run. I don't. Hate it. I'll work on the eliptical all day or trudge up hills on the treadmill. But I despise running. Thanks to my dear friend Dinah, I started the "Couch to 5K" training program today. She swears that it will make me love running. She'll be lucky if we're still friends at the end of it. (I kid, I kid!)
  3. Reading. I've been trying to get through "Messenger" without crying. Unsuccessful, and I'm coming up on the saddest part of the book.
  4. Studying. Did I mention that already?
  5. Counting down to the Olympics. This deserves a post of its own, which I promise will come at the end of this crazy week.