The simple things

A few days ago, my facebook status read:

"I'm enjoying the simple things. This world and it's craziness do not have to control me."

Sometimes "stuff" just gets in the way, and I let it weasel its way in without a fight. My mom always tells Caroline and me that the only thing we can control in every situation is our attitude (I'm sure someone famous said this, but mom's pretty wise so we'll attribute it to her today). If I can control my attitude, then I should also be able to control what I let affect me. I have a choice in every situation. I can get mad that the train is late or enjoy the fact that I have an extra five minutes to read my book. I can honk at the guy trying to wedge his ginormous SUV into my lane, or I can let him and the next car over. I don't have to let myself get worked up about things that are really not that big of a deal. This allows me to really enjoy the simple things. It helps me to remain optimistic. It brings joy. So I thought I would list a few of the simple things in my life...and maybe you can add some of yours!

Simple Things I Enjoy
  • My cuckoo clock playing Edelweiss
  • The five minutes after our alarm goes off when the dogs jump on the bed to cuddle
  • Baking cookies and giving them away
  • The way Leo dances when he hears Charlie's keys in the door
  • Calling my sister just to chat
  • Reading my Real Simple magazine cover to cover the same day it comes in the mail
  • My morning good-bye hug with Charlie
  • Sitting on the train instead of sitting in traffic
  • Hanging on to all my coupons until the very end of checking out and then watching my bill go doooooowwwwwnn
  • Knowing the answer to the final Jeopardy question
What would you add to this list???


  1. These are good! I would add: (1) sipping coffee and reading the newspaper, (2) getting creative in the kitchen rather than eating out, and (3) enjoying the freedom of being a student while it still lasts...Have a good day!

  2. I love these :-) and I love your sweet heart too -- I would probably add . . . eating mexican? haha or snuggling with Jayci . . .