Share the love!

A sweet friend of mine, Lia (miss you lots!), wrote a thought-provoking post about sharing the blog love. If you read a blog, leave a comment and then share it with others! If you blog, you should probably keep posting for your dear readers. (I apologize once again to all 15 of my followers for being such a pathetic blogger!!!)

One thing I love about blogging is this: it's like one big game of seven degrees of separation! For example, let's take Whitney. She and I have never met. But we're Facebook friends. And she takes beautiful pictures and lives in an adorable house. And she's married to the son of missionaries that used to come and speak at our school during the Missions Conference. (Did you follow all that?) So now, go click on her name and leave her some love.

I mentioned Whitney because she had a post a few weeks ago about life and death. Sure enough, she linked up to a "life" post and a "death" post. (We're going to skip the death part for now, but it's an inspiring story, nonetheless). Her life post led me to an amazing woman named Kelle. Her story is incredibly touching and meaningful to me. Now, if you don't want me to ruin the surprise, STOP RIGHT NOW and click HERE. No, really, go back and read the story. I'll wait...

Are you finished? I know it's long, but oh my gravy! Doesn't she just melt your heart? Children like Nella are exactly why I got into physical therapy. I cannot get enough of her sweet face and tender smile. And I love that Kelle is truly enjoying the small things despite the difficult life that is ahead.

So, blog lovers, share the love. Let me know your favorite places to be inspired or laugh or get great recipes. And remember to let your blog friends know how much you appreciate them sharing a little piece of their life with you!


  1. Lauren, what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. Brought tears to my eyes for sure ;-) I'm thankful for friends like you with huge hearts!

  2. I just sat at my desk at work and cried for Kelle and her beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. I'm addicted to reading blogs and links from blog to blog - it's definitely fun to learn about the lives of others!