A fine farewell

Growing up in Atlanta, you don't have a choice about your team.  You're born a Brave, you'll die a Brave.  And that's just the way it is.  This weekend we say farewell to a legend as the Braves play their final regular season series guided by Bobby Cox. 

I remember the first moment that I really LOVED baseball.  It was October 1992.  The Braves were in the National League Championship series against the Pirates.  The series went to 7 games and I BEGGED my parents to let me stay up to watch.  I remember sitting by the TV, rocking back and forth with excitement.  And then, it came.  The slide.

Braves win!  Braves win! Braves win!!!

The next Friday at school was one of the first of many Braves parades through the hallways.  And that was when I knew I loved the game.  We are the Bobby Cox generation.  He will always be remembered and respected.  Thank you for your dedication to the game, to your team, and to the fans.

And your ejection record?  Just peachy.  :-) 

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