13.1 glorious miles.

 See our "13.1"?  :-)

I never in a million years thought I would utter those words.

 Pre-race...26 degrees
13.1 miles of freedom.  
Of thanking the volunteers.  
Of shaking hands with firemen.  
Of smiling while jamming out to Pink and Glee. 

I think this is the first marathoner

 Coming around the last turn...

 I'm near the sign now...

Post-race in the medic area after a little run-in with asthma

Crossing the finish line with a smile on my face.

It's hard to explain the feeling when you cross the finish line and know that you put in months of time and training and sweat and dedication.  Especially if you're not really good at sticking with something (that may or may not be me!).  I am so proud to have set a goal and completed it.  And I had SO MUCH FUN!!!  I was really able to enjoy the race because I wasn't trying to finish in a certain time.  I loved talking to other racers and the volunteers.  Indianapolis was a great place for my first half.  And have I mentioned that it's flat???  Practically unheard of in Atlanta.  I will definitely return to run this race again.  

Thanks to everyone who was so supportive and listened to me drone on about pacing and stingers and long runs and all that other race stuff. :-) 

Race Report for the running junkies:

The expo was smaller than expected but well organized.  Quick packet pick up and chip activation.  We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and headed to bed early.  

 At the expo...poster with all runner's names

(Caroline in the pink shirt)
Saturday morning was absolutely freezing.  The temp at the start of the race was 26 degrees!!!  I lined up with the 13-15 minute group so that I would impede other runners.  It was definitely the right choice because I got to pass lots of people towards the end. :-)  There were aid stations at every mile along the course.  The volunteers were wonderful!  I enjoyed thanking them along the way.  The course was really pretty.  We ran through downtown, out to a residential area, and then back into town.  The Monumental Circle area was so pretty!  Coming around the last turn was a sweet relief.  

Monument Circle

I had three goals for the race. 
1.  Finish. 
2. Finish in under 3 hours. 
3. Finish in under 2:45. 

Official time: 2:39:46
10K split: 1:14:11 (4 minutes faster than the 10K I ran in September)  
Overall pace: 12:11

I used a run:walk method.  I am going to work on increasing my run:walk intervals over the spring and hopefully run another half in about 6 months.  I am hooked.  For now, I gave myself the week off and will pick back up on Monday!

 Ice party in the hotel

Dinner in the kitchen at Bucca di Beppo


  1. Congratulations on your first half! I know exactly how you felt because I did my first one in September and had the BEST time. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to do another one.

  2. Congratulations! What an inspiration you are. I'll try to jog around the neighborhood without stopping and think of you! =)