Sweet Memories

It's funny how simple tasks can trigger such wonderful memories. I'm in charge of all the baking for Thanksgiving this year. I have a long list of favorite desserts and new recipes that I am slowly checking off. As I stood in the kitchen making Derby pies, I thought of Papaw. I was breaking pecans into little pieces to go into the pie, and I remembered sitting at their glass kitchen table. Papaw is showing me how to break the pecans...first longways, then into little pieces. I also think of him whenever I cook country ham. Or hang a spoon from my nose.

And always at Christmas, when we read the Christmas story. He would settle into his chair, slide on his glasses, and open his well worn and loved Bible to Luke. We would all sit around in anticipation, listening about the angels, the journey, and the birth of our Savior. Sweet Papaw. Sweet memories.

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