I want it to be so Wang that it's right!!!

If you've been around me lately, it's highly probable that we've heard me express my love of "So You Think You Can Dance."  I love this show for several reasons, but mostly because my dancing skills are right on par for a white girl with no rhythm.  My heart loves to dance but my body knows better!!!  Needless to say, I love and appreciate watching all types of dancing because it is such a wonderful art form.  I love watching the sexy ballroom dances and the sweet contemporary dances that tell a story.  I love watching the growth of the dancers on the show, as they experience new dance styles and partners.

It's also fun "getting to know" the dancers and rooting for your favorite ones throughout the season.  I normally am all for the underdog, but this year is a little different.  Holy. Cow. Alex. Wang.  Alex used to be the principle dancer for the Miami City Ballet.  He's pretty much awesome.  But no one could have predicted that he would be so good at other styles!!!

Exhibit A

Alex dances contemporary with one of my favorite All-stars, Allison (I wanted her to beat Benji!), and they are dancing to Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah."  One of the greatest songs ever.  Mia Michaels calls this the best contemporary routine ever on the show.  And Sonya Tayeh is brilliant.  Enough talking, just watch.  

Exhibit B

Alex dances hip-hop with Twitch, the best hip-hop dancer that's been on the show.  This routine is choreographed by Napoleon and Tabitha.  This routine had me out of my seat!!!  Hang on til the very end...

If Alex doesn't win this, America is just crazy!!! Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. I love this show too - too bad I dont have cable! lame :)